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Productivity Hacks That Will Double Your Output Every Day

With the workload increasing, and the world running at a crazy pace, we are all looking for ways to achieve the optimal level of productivity. As the popular Daft Punk song says, “We want to work harder, better, faster and stronger.” But the question is: How? “It is not enough to be busy, so are […]

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7 Common Habits That Secretly Kill Your Productivity

We are the generation of the “multiple windows open”, or as they call it: multi-taskers. With technology taking over our mind and focus, both our work and our distractions are clicks away from each other. And guess which one wins if we don’t take care? The distractions. “Multi-tasking is a lie” — Gary Keller, founder […]

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7 Ways To Improve Your Productivity, Before You Get Out Of Bed.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” Too many people start their day by checking their emails or social media feeds, sometimes before they’ve even got out of bed. The result is that they’re starting their day in re-active mode instead of active mode. Their entire day is taken up by responding to the requests […]

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