About Win The Day Back

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”


Just as man has evolved, growing taller, more agile, and intelligent, so have our actions.

Where we once shared songs and stories in small groups, now we can share them with millions, billions even, around the globe.

Where we once used sticks and spears, our tools have grown so sophisticated as to take on the aura of magic.

Where we once formed hunting parties and practiced the use of clubs against our enemies, now our battles are with the assault of modern life's addictions.

But many are still struggling to keep up with this evolution.

Poor communication, digital illiteracy, and the aimless drift through life are the hallmarks of those destined for extinction.
If not in this generation, then in their children's lifetimes.

Win The Day Back is your resource to turn the tide on that decay.

Whatever your goal, be it small changes in your own life to raise your family better, or a global ambition, the three pillars we teach here will give you a foundation, then a platform to make that change.

  • Stories: Communicate your mission in a way that sticks and persuades.
  • Tools: Develop digital literacy and a platform to share your value.
  • Rituals: Set and maintain the daily habits that keep you ahead of the barbarians.

Who is behind Win The Day Back?

I'm Steve Pratley. I'm a once-burnt-out marketing consultant.

I ran digital marketing for everyone from global brands, to one-man-bands, and it nearly killed me.

It certainly killed my health and some important relationships. At the very least, it wounded them for a long time.

Over the course of three years, I gradually pieced together a new lifestyle. One that balances my physical and mental health, time for my family, and the ability to choose the relationships I want to maintain.

I've done that through three skills that I've had to work hard on:

Stories. Writing for myself and others has been the most intense way to figure out a path through the problems I'm facing. Private journaling, blogging, and Twitter are my outlets.

Tools. Developing a degree of digital literacy is essential, but that doesn't always mean coding. I was a consultant, not a developer. I've no real interest in spending all day coding, but I do respect simplicity in the tools I use, and I understand the impact they can have when you stop tinkering and actually publish writing and products.

Rituals. Consistency will beat out any flash of genius over time. That is likely your biggest challenge. Maintaining momentum in the face of challenges, boredom, and distraction. I'll show you how I learned to do it.

Now I make my living helping other people in the same situation to realize their value, and use simple tools to spread it beyond the boundaries of their own time, energy and travel.

Is this another course about how to sell courses, or a funnel selling funnel software?


I did that, and it left me just as burned out as a day-job.

Managing all those moving parts is exhausting, stressful and requires a fair degree of skill. Once I threw off all the conventions that the marketing industry had pushed on me, I realized it was unnecessary.

The aim isn't to make the most money.

It's to make the most money with a limited amount of time and energy, leaving the rest for your family, health, and friends. The things that you'll need long after this journey becomes tiring.

I'm anti-hustle, anti-grind, anti-complex.

Sure, you'll leave a little money on the table, but it's money that would cost you more in time, energy and missed adventures than it's worth.

If you're making a million dollars a year, it makes sense to hire someone to mop up that last 10% of revenue that a complex marketing system will do for you. But it takes as much time to do the same thing in a $100k business. Unless you can find someone to work for you for a grand, that person is going to be you.

What Next?

Your first step should be to understand where your blind spots are.

To this end, we've created the Peak Performance Profile. This is a short, free, evaluation of your skills and temperament, uncovered in a 30 question quiz.

The output is a personalized report that will guide you to the most effective place to focus your attention for the next 90 days.